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Premier world class cruising area

Tony Peach
Reviewed Jul 2016
Without a doubt, apart from temperature, this is a world class cruising area. Anchorages are everywhere, and unlike the Hawkesbury, north of Sydney there are very few permanent moorings to impede your overnight stays in most areas. Assuming you plan to visit the "Channel" as it is know to the locals or D'Entrecasteaux Channel on the charts, and are arriving from Hobart, you will pass Dennes Point, which is on Bruny Island to the South or Tinderbox which is part of Tasmania to the north.

Cruise ships with 12 m of draft have negotiated the channel, so if you plan your routes, to stay away from a few of the obstructions, your anti-foul will remain unscathed.

There are so many anchorages available, this forum is not the correct place to detail them all. Needless to say, if you check the weather (Channel 1 on VHF for Tasmanian SE waters on the hour and half hour), within one hour sailing you can arrive at a well protected bay.

The north end of the channel becomes quite busy with local boats in summer because it is only 2-3 hours travel from Hobart. I suggest you head to the south end which is a further 3-4 hours. It is more isolated, the water is cleaner, and the scenery and beaches are better. If you have made it to the south end, take time to visit Partridge Island. There is a floating dock to enable you to tie up your dinghy. Just half a mile to the south of this is Butlers Beach, which is idyllic in summer when the sea breeze (From the SW) kicks in.

If you are into shore based dining, you should investigate Peppermint Bay, Port Cygnet, Kermandi Marina, and head up the lower reaches of the Huon River to Franklin to try the restaurants and while in Franklin, visit the Living Boat Trust.

Four miles to the west of Partridge you will discover Port Esperance and the Town of Dover. The local YC has a mooring available for free if you join them for an ale on Friday evenings.

If you have made it to Port Esperance, make sure you take the time to go further south to Southport and on the Recherche Bay. Recherche is the stopping off location prior to heading around the bottom of Tasmanian to visit Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour.

At Recherche, once again there are anchorages to accommodate all wind directions.
An excellent anchorage in any wind only one hour away
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Good anchorage & Beach

Darren & Kris Schmidtke
Reviewed Nov 2017
This anchorage is a favorite of ours. It is fairly well protected except in any Southey conditions. You may get a gentle roll at times but very slight. Anchor to the left as you come into the bay. There are several moorings on the left under the cliff face. Anchor just off these and there is good water a fair way into the bay.

The beach is excellent for a walk and there are BBQ's on the shore line.

Best to land the dinghy on the far left of the bay in front of the moorings as there are not usually any waves on this section of beach.
Nice gentle bay in the right conditions
nice easy accessable beach
Southerly aspect
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Boat Ramps in the Channel

Marine and Safety Tasmania
Reviewed May 2016
The "Channel" as it is commonly referred to, offers enormous potential for boats of all sizes. Ramps on the western side of the channel at Margate, Tinderbox, Trial Bay, Woodbridge and further south at Gordon and Dover offer access to the entire Channel area. From any of these ramps you can spend a few days exploring from Mickeys Bay and Tinpot and Partridge in the south right through to Barnes Bay and places like Little Fancy.

For those interested in exploring the Huon, access can be gained from the recently upgraded ramp at Charlotte Cove, Cygnet, Huonville, Shipwrights Point or Surveyors Bay.

Further south, pristine destinations such as Recherche Bay and Southport are all possible even in a trailer boat.
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Scenic Anchorages

Marine and Safety Tasmania
Reviewed Apr 2016
On the eastern side of Bruny Island there are some scenic anchorages. Bull, Trumpeter and Variety Bays are all pleasant in SW to NW conditions and can be accessed by trailer boats from Margate (Dru Point) Ramp and Tinderbox ramp. If you have a larger trailer boat don't launch at Tinderbox as this is designed really for boats under 6 metres.

If taking your boat to Bruny Island you can explore south of Adventure Bay down to The Friars, but again, check the weather as westerly conditions at The Friars can be unpleasant. Larger boats should go to Cloudy Bay (Chart: AUS 173) a great anchorage in easterly to southerly conditions, it can be uncomfortable if there is a heavy swell running.

South of Bruny and on the mainland, Dover, Southport and Recherche Bay are well visited places by the cruising fraternity. All have access for trailer boats however if travelling to Recherche in any size boat ensure you have checked your charts as the Acteon Island and surrounding charted rocks can be tricky if you are going there for the first time. These areas give good shelter in westerly weather. Remember, there are a great number of fish farms in the Channel and Huon River. Make sure you are aware of their locations.
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