Crookhaven River

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A week on the Crookhaven River

Lester Gabriel
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jan 2017
Visited on the way north in Jan 2016. We were pretty weary after coming thru from Eden, but the timing was right - flood tide, light offshore breeze, low swell.

We struggled to find info regarding depths and in the wrong conditions, the bar crossing would not be something you would want to contemplate.

The entry is well marked and the minimum depths in the vicinity of the entrance, that we encountered a couple of hours into the flood was 2.8m.

It only became a tad "interesting" in the final approaches to Greenwell Point.

We had intended anchoring out of the tidal flow to the W of the northern staining wall, but the local marine rescue offered us a mooring just off the entrance to Shaws Creek, just past the towenship. Getting ashore could be a bit messy, but upon our enquiry, we were permitted to use the shallow side of the marine rescue's pontoon located up Shaw Creek.

We did take the dinghy around to the southern side of Greenwell Point township as a reconnaissance mission, and whilst going in there was possible even near low water with our 1.5m draft, there was not a great deal of swinging room. Further, at the time, the Jervis Street public wharf had a long term restoration across the end of the jetty.

From the Marine Rescue pontoon, it was a 10-15 minute stroll into the town centre - servo, butcher, very small 'supermarket' and a few other laid backtouristy type businesses. We researched going in to Nowra on the bus service, but didn't end up doing that. We didn't proceed past Shaw Creek, as access to Nowra was not possible due to overhead power lines about 2 nm downstream from the town.

We went in the dinghy out to the jetty / ramp inside the southern headland and had a good look around the area, including going to see the Marine Rescue operation on Station Hill.

It can get a bit choppy on the Crookhaven in a seabreeze with wind against tide, but that only slows things in the tender.

There is plenty of room to anchor upstream of Shaw Creek, but you need to watch out for shoals. Plenty of chain should be deployed as the tidal stream can get up some 'run'.

A pleasantly surprisingly nice spot.
Delightful retro type fishing village. Nice walks.
Better than Jervis Bay as it's not exposed
Surprisingly stress free entry
Probably not the best place to do a big provisioning
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Stopped here for several nights on our way to and from Jervis Bay

Peter Craig
Reviewed Jan 2017
I was there in January 2017. On our way south we were offered the free courtesy moring that was available owned by marine rescue but on our way northward the morings were being occupied so we anchored up the river. Very good holding.
Great fish & chips, IGA Store & Butcher.
Plenty of taps in park to fill up water bottles
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