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Very windy at times and tide influenced

Peter Scott
Reviewed Feb 2017
Windy, windy Cooktown in August 2016! This anchorage is safe, but not necessarily comfortable. On arrival we anchored very close to the swing basin near the harbour jetties while we worked out where the channel into the deeper water was. Last year there was leads in, but this year they no longer exist, which made things a little difficult. The Endeavour River is a mass of sand and mud banks and as the water is a muddy green colour, there is no chance of seeing them until the tide goes out. At least it is a mud/sand bottom and very good holding. We found a good spot close to the town side of the anchorage among some moored local boats, so the dinghy ride was short. We were here sheltering from strong winds and rain The spring tides were in and the current through the anchorage was amazing. The boat was often held side on to the wind and as the bullets blasted through the anchorage she would heel over uncomfortably. However beside all this we had a fantastic time in Cooktown, friendly locals, all services required by visiting boats, steeped in history, good drinking holes and interesting walks. The best time to visit would be during neap tides.
A safe anchorage with lots to do and see
Fish feeding at Cooks Landing is well worth attending.
Following the channel from the swing basin to the anchorage
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