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Nice spot to visit

Audacious B331
Reviewed Jul 2017
Earlier this year we delivered a Hanse 445 from Melbourne to Pittwater. After a night in Eden we pushed up to Bermagui to hide from some strong winds. We found everyone very friendly and stayed in a floating marina berth on the starboard side of the harbour. The entry channel is fairly tight. We draw 2.2 metres and had to keep close to the rock wall on the port sir coming in. Don't head straight into the harbour as the sand comes up very quickly. Once inside keep to the starboard side and near the dredged marina area to the starboard of the jetty. The shops and facilities are good and it is a short walk up to town. We were able to borrow a trolley to cart some jerries of diesel. Very protected spot.
Well protected
Good facilities
Town close by
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Bermagui River Fishing

Daniel Tillack  
Reviewed Nov 2016
Beautiful estuaries packed full of flathead and whiting. Do it old-school with freshly-pumped nipper baits and you’ll fill the icebox with tasty fillets.
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Bermagui is a great little gem for a stop over

Don McPhee
Reviewed Nov 2017
We last visited Bermagui in October 2017 heading north; and again in November 2017 going south.

On our first stop we by-passed the harbour to anchor upstream in the Bermagui River, to put our 12.4 m sailing cat "Single Malt" on the sand to service the props.

There is a modest sized basin in the river, with about 400m X 100m space between the low bridge and the rock walls of the harbour, which mostly dries at low tide (at least during Spring tides).

We used a stern anchor to control any swinging and reduce risks of dragging, but the holding here seems good in sand.

So this is a good spot for cat owners, with plenty of room to sit on the dry for a few hours to get access to the hulls.

The entrance to Bermagui has a rock wall on the west side and natural rocks on the east, and it does not appear to have a bar to cross on the approach; and it has good leads that are easily picked up. The approach is from the north, which could potentially put a vessel beam on to any easterly swell.

Once inside, go straight ahead for the harbour or turn right for the river.

Previous visits to Bermagui have involved tying up to the Fish Co-op wharf, which is fine; but this time when we called in on our way south in November, we tried the marina, getting the phone number from their facebook page.

The marina pontoon was a lot simpler and more convenient to tie up to than the hard wharf pylons. The marina owner is the NSW Lands Department, with an onsite manager. The berth fees are reasonable. The service was very friendly and helpful, with assistance given to take our ropes on arrival (thank you Keith!).

Facilities are in the wharf complex building about 200 metres away, and include coin operated hot showers (3 x $1 coins gives a great shower for a grotty yachtie) and washing / drying machines.

The Bermagui wharf complex is a great place to enjoy food and drink from several good quality establishments including fish and chips, several restaurants, a cafe and a wine bar. The place is modern and has a great ambience and is a credit to the Fisherman's Co-op and the NSW Lands Dept. It is a popular place during the summer tourist season and on weekends. It is also great to see a few commercial fishing boats still making a go of it too, and you can watch them unload and go about their business in between the people-watching.

The small town of Bermagui has everything for provisioning, now with a large supermarket plus local shops selling things like artisan breads, serious coffees, bespoke gelati, french patisserie and of course great local oysters and seafood: you get the picture. Also a good local pub, a bakery and a club for the less up-market tastes.

Bermagui is also a very popular game fishing destination, with a large fleet of local boats and hundreds more visiting during the marlin season. It is a boatie-friendly place.

The wharf complex includes a chandlery and slipway; and specialist items not in stock could likely be frieghted in a few days.

Bermagui would not be a hard place to have to stay whilst you waited for parts: in fact this is a place that I think one could enjoy being stuck in for a few extra days.
Safe harbour entrance with no apparent river bar to cross
A great, boat-friendly location, good marina, funky town
Good place to sit a cat on the hard in the river at low tide
It is really hard to find a fault with the place
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Great new harbour Marina

Reviewed Jul 2017
The new Bermagui Harbour Marina with concrete floating pontoons always has a space for passing yachts and cruisers. Look on FB to find phone number. No more hard moving pylons and moving for the fishing fleet, the new marina is secure and easy going. There is always some one around and the retail and restaurant facilities abound. The chandlers is able to get spares overnight. Even hire a car to visit the hinterland. Down the road is an airport and regular busses travel up and down the coast. Low cost place to leave your vesel for short breaks.
Friendly, convenient, inexpensive, secure and all feature
Close to bar restaurant
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Exceeded expectations

Robyn and Ian Reidy  
Reviewed Sep 2016
After spending two weeks in Eden, where we shifted from the jetty known as the Moorings Jetty to East Boyd Bay as required by the weather, we were on our way to Bermagui. The sail took about seven hours, during which we saw a pod of four whales and a solitary seal; we cherish these magic moments when we see these awesome animals out in the ocean. The whales were making their way north for the winter, and because we had been told they were far out to sea when going north we hadn't expected to see any so close inshore. We had spoken to a cruising couple in Eden who had experienced a minor encounter with a whale, bending the prop shaft, and were happy that the whales came no closer than 200m...
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