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Batemans Bay is worth a stop

Don McPhee
Reviewed Nov 2017
We last visited Batemans Bay aboard our 12.4 m sailing catamaran "Single Malt" in November 2017.

There is one courtesy mooring at Snapper Island and one in Chain Bay but neither of them has a mooring line, only a light catchng rope. This would be alright if the ring on the mooring float was easily reachable, or in light conditions, but for us it became a dangerous farce, trying to reach down to run our own line through the ring. The lack of line also begs the question about the condition of the chains and linkages under water, and doesn't instil confidence.

There is limited room for secure anchorage at Snapper Island, and the mooring is located right in the sweet spot, making anchoring here on either side less than ideal.

This is really the only anchorage in Batemans Bay for southerly conditions, so there are limited options when a storm is approaching.

Crossing the bar into the river on our way north was fine in good weather on a rising tide. Anchoring opposite town amongst the moorings has limited swing room and needs to take into account a swing with the change in tide and the facts of nearby shallow sand bars and the low bridge upstream. A stern anchor is recommended.

Marine resucue here advise that the bar's leads are now accurate and they can provide an up to date datum depth over the bar.

When we crossed the bar on our return trip south it was in driving rain and poor visibility, with a rising sea, seeking shelter from an approaching storm. The leads were not visible and were unlit (it was daytime, but with visibility about 200m), as was the approach sector light on Square Head. So much for navigational aids when they are truly needed: simply not there! Fortunately our chart plotter was spot on and we crossed the bar safely.

We sought shelter in the marina as flooding rains and 50 knot winds were forecast, making the river an unattractive option for anchoring.

The marina was well-priced, with very helpful staff, Jorge, even coming out to take our ropes in the driving rain. Entering the marina through a gap in the rock wall from the river, with a strong tidal flow, would have been a bit of a challenge without our powerful twin motors, so yachtsmen beware of the current here if your engine power or steerage are limited. You may need to wait for slack water to enter.

We found the marina to be modern and convenient. The slipway here looked busy and well set up. There is a funky bar / restaurant set up next to the marina and the shops of Batemans Bay are only a few minutes level walk away, making for convenient provisioning.

The only down side was the marina toilets and showers, which were adequate but only just so, and were not cleaned during the two days that we stayed there. Nonetheless we would happily return and stay here again.
Convenient to town and provisioning
The marina was friendly, convenient and helpful
Limited shelter from strong southerlies
Public moorings with no lines
Navigation markers were not lit when we really needed them
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Bats a Bother in Batemans

Reviewed Nov 2017
May 2016 we left Bermagui in our 10.5m Cruising yacht in company with another and made our way Batemans Bay.

Our friend took the new courtesy mooring in Chain Bay and we anchored behind. So picturesque and calm. Went fishing, caught some decent size wrass and cooked them on the beach.

As the sun went down we saw flying shapes appearing in the sky ..... bats! Thousands of them in flight across the bay. Once more back aboard the real fight started. These ‘Rats with Wings” each weighing 1-2 kilos were landing on our mastheads and hanging off of radio aerials, anemometers and light fittings. As much as we tried to scare them off 4 or 5 more would take their place.

We stayed in Batemans Bay for about a week and each night this attack would repeat itself.

We had aerials bent and wind gear damaged but our friend had the whole masthead installation destroyed on his yacht. The locals didn’t fare any better. A short dinghy ride to the ramshackle run-down marina revealed similar images of bat-destroyed masthead fittings.

We sampled most achorages there, even upstream above the bridge. Water is murky due to many aquaculture installation and river traffic.

Dinghy landing at the bridge, the only decent place to land is busy with fisherman and day visitors. We were warned by locals to stay away from there at night as it was a “shooting gallery” for drug dealers and users and best therefore avoided.

Bat Bay? Don’t bother.
It’s a pretty place with quite reasonable protection.
People are friendly enough but don’t mention the bats!
Dinghy landing at night near the bridge should be avoided.
Bar is very shallow so an above average tide required.
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Keep driving, better off stopping at roadworks, much more entertaining.

Reviewed Jul 2017
What is going on? This place was an absolute disappointment. We have travelled along the coast since Adelaide and by far the biggest let down, really happy to have driven to Ulladulla.

Beautiful coastline.
Pretty much "Leaving" as harsh as that may sound.
The place is a asleep.
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How things have changed

Reviewed Sep 2016
Batemans Bay has not changed and we now have cardinal marks on the reef - soon to be announced on Notice to Mariners (Sept 2016) and two courtesy mooring BUT the Marina has gone backwards. The original long term staff have taken stress leave/retired the hard stand staff are sick or moved on. The berth holders relationship with the Sydney based management is toxic and many boats have left or been towed out the marina. Marina still not finished and quality of facilities does not justify the price charged.
The bay is a good stop along the coast
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Crossing the Clyde River Bar

Marilyn Graham
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The Clyde River Bar changes daily! Call Marine Rescue to check if there will be enough depth and the best tide. The leads are hard to distinguish until very close. Bar entrance is off the end of the Breakwater virtually besides the leads, and only takes a few minutes to cross. It is very hard to see along the breakwater after dark or early morning.
Hard to see along the breakwater after dark or early morning
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