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Size does matter

ted sherrin
Reviewed Jan 2017
I was initially skeptical. I had been with club marine for about four years with my 36 foot Biroc steel ketch. She's a 1980 vessel. When I purchased her I just insured for the purchase price ($30k) to get her home to Tasmania. Four years later I wanted to increase her value after renovating and bringing her back to safety and blue water condition. CM required another 'value survey' to increase her value to $45k. But then informed me in writing I am required to have a conditions survey completed every two years. My suspicions about CM was that I was paying to produce that fancy useless magazine they distribute with heaps of adds. But I was also concerned that if I was demasted they would write off my boat. Along comes a recommendation to give Youi a go. After a long time on the phone my boat was insured for almost half the premium but twice the value. My hull is insured AND my masts and rigging. Many hours later, I swapped my m/c, two cars, house and contents all across to Youi. They get me. 🤣
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Premium way cheaper

Reviewed Sep 2016
Youi paid out in full for a mates power boat post crash 25K - 1 quote for repair - no fuss

My powerboat is with them now - 1/2 of club marine premium , 1/3 of Nautilus premium.

When my yacht premium is up for renewal in may, Youi will be my first call.
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They get you and know lots about boats

Peter Williams
Reviewed Nov 2017
I've had my 27ft yacht insured with Youi since late 2015 and their online insurance section is very detailed. They have a lot of boating options such as, rig separate to hull so if I lose my rig it's replaced or if my hull is damaged the repaired or the complete boat (including rig) is replaced. YOUI's online insurance section is easy to use and can be updated during the life of the insurance so I can modiy ONLINE which is brilliant. Point in case, after the 2016 devastating floods in Tasmania I soon realised that although I had some hull damaage but nothing to bad I soon realised I was underinsured. I logged onto my online insurance , upped my insurance another $10,000, my new premium went up a litte, I confimed, saved and that's it, I was now insured for an extra, extra 10k.

During the HUGE 2016 floods in Tasmania they were easy to deal with and suprisingly a lot of our Yacht Club Members were left out to dry (no pun intended) but Youi came to the party for me. That's a good real world review when you have to eventually have to use the insurance company.
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They don't get you

Reviewed Jan 2017
No idea about boats. Might as well be speaking a different language. Anything other than a standard runabout is off limits. Best dealing with someone like Nautilusinsurance who at least knows about boats. Would hate to see them action a claim.
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excellent service

Reviewed Nov 2016
We have comprehensive on our yacht and it was never a problem dealing with the Youi people . Asimple phone call was all that was required to upgrade my previous boats isurance to me new boat. and at very reasonable rates .
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