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Will not renew your policy after a claim.

Reviewed Jun 2018
My experience up until now was pleasurable, however after having to make 2 small not at fault claims in 2 years they have declined to renew my policy, seems that they are happy to collect premiums however in the event of a payout no longer want to play ball, which is a shame as I found processing of the claims to be very prompt and efficient and the staff quite pleasant.
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Made an at fault claim

Reviewed Mar 2018
My Boat is insured with Trident, my Dads with GIO. we both made an at fault claim about the same time. I have been paid out about 2 weeks ago, Dad is still waiting for an assessor....
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Don't like paying out

Ian Conboy
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Reviewed Mar 2018
Don't claim of Trident. I was a customer for 4 years and I made one claim. I was then given 'A Refusal to Renew' notice. So they will take your money, but they dont like paying out!
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Professional and prompt service

Ian Ahern
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Reviewed Aug 2017
My 47ft Yacht was written off due a slippage accident. My dealings with Trident on this significant matter were prompt and without any incident.

I can not recommend them highly enough for professional and prompt service / settlement.
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