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Suncorp PDS

Reviewed Nov 2017
The Suncorp boat insurance PDS can be found here
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Seems nobody is willing to give a straight answer

Reviewed Nov 2017
I originally rang Suncorp to enquire about an insurance issue when a mates big yacht was struck by lightning recently which fried evrything electrical and enquired about my cover as my boat is stored in the open under a cover. The answer I received off the guy at Suncorp was verrrry non commital. He said, "I'll send you a PDS as we have changed our boat insurance policies recently".

I got it and now I can't find it!! But there was definately something in there about towing under their 'Things we do not cover' section.

I have insured just about everything through Suncorp now and in the past, and it seems nobody is willing to give a straight answer with regard to boat policies.
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