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Helpful and very cheap quote from RACQ

Bart van Walderveen
Reviewed Oct 2017
I asked RACQ for a quote for full insurance for a 26ft sailing boat last year (late 2016, so I could moor her in East Coast Marina in QLD) and I was surprised at how cheap it was. They also said that as long as the boat was younger than 30 years I didn't need a survey for seaworthiness either. It was under $200 per year. In the end I did not buy the boat though, I want something larger.
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With club marine again

Reviewed Nov 2017
When I rang RACQ to check on insurance for my new boat (have house, cars etc with them and have had boats, never had a claim) they asked for market value, I told them and they thanked me and said that they don't cover trailer boats of that replacement value, I was very surprised - with club marine again.
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RACQ boat insurance review

Reviewed Sep 2016
I was with RACQ boat insurance for a couple of years and never made a claim. I am selling my current boat and put it in a well respected dealers yard on consignment who has high fences and mean dogs at night. I was advised by them as a precaution to notify RACQ about the change of storage location for my boat. RACQ checked and said it was unacceptable to their underwriters as it was not located at my home anymore and gave me 5 days to find another insurer. 5 days later I was cancelled and a refund cheque turned up. I am now with Club Marine, more expensive but good peace of mind.
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