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Good to deal with

Mal Dougherty
Reviewed Feb 2017
I have unfortunately have had to make a claim. They have been good to deal with and are guided by their assessors.
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Moral of story is you gotta read the fine print

Reviewed Nov 2017
Moral of story is you gotta read the fine print.

Some of the more interesting exclusions I found in various pds were:

- No transit cover

- No transit cover while interstate

- No cover for accidental sinking (like who sinks their boat on purpose?)

- Public liability cover only for nominated people

- Car insurance only covers trailer, not trailer contents (eg boat, furniture etc)

- Must be locked behind fence and gate

- Boat must be locked to trailer

- Trailer must be locked to ground?

- Chains and padlocks are not suitable security devices

- No theft cover while boat is in transit (eg while stopped at lights) or while parked on the road/verge (eg in front of your house)

- Cause you have 180hp combined on a 5.2m boat, it is therefore a speed boat capable of going 50+ knots and which incures extra premiums (twin 90hp on 5.2kevlacat - 35kn max)

- Personal items not covered (or very limited coverage), eg fishing gear, mobile phones, watches, sunglasses...

- And the list goes on and on

Because of the above I chose Trident Insurance. Club Marine was a close second. All the others (and I did a lot of research on this) didnt' come anywhere near close to these two, both in term of premiums and coverage.
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Wouldn't go anywhere else

Reviewed Sep 2016
I have been with Racq now for 5 years, I had club marine quote me twice, however they were twice the price both times from both boats so I left house, cars and boat with them, now I have had 2 claims for the house since and they paid both promptly. First the video crapped out during a storm, when I gave dates there was no storm in our area, however RACQ said I had always paid on time therefore I was considered a valued client so they would pay for a new for old replacement. At the time I was shopping around for quotes, that answer was good enough for me and I have stayed with them since and canned them other quotes, If they will pay then that is good enough for me, 2 x claims and paid up both times with no problems, I wouldn't go anywhere else now to be honest.
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Settled in a couple of weeks

Reviewed Sep 2016
A couple of years back some local "lads" helped themselves to my GPS, epirb, fire extinguisher and first aid kit, (got home late - left the gear in the boat to clean up the next morning). I found RACQ guys brilliant to deal with. An assessor was right on it and began the process oh, a day or two after. I didn't miss the first aid kit for a week, when I was going out again. I rang the assessor to let him know and ask how to go about adjusting the claim, I got an extra quote and he processed it straight up...no questions. The whole thing was settled up in a couple of weeks.
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Take care of unstated policy fine print !!

Terry Devine
Reviewed Sep 2018
Being a member of RAC for years, we decided to approach them first and was not only surprised by their price but very happy with the staff we dealt with.

Half way through the first year they let us know their underwriters didn't insure live aboard owners.

We were lucky we stumbled over this fact through a staff member recognizing the yacht club address and contacting us. We had told the initial staff of our future plans so they were unaware of this "hidden" clause

Not only were we uninsured until we found another insurer, we were told that we would never have been able to make a claim in the event of any incident whatsoever!!!

What else is hidden in their policy?
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