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Unless something changes quickly QBE will never be seeing anything from us for boat

Reviewed Sep 2017
I'm getting the same vibes from QBE at the moment. On current performance, part way through a claim, I am rating them 2 or 3 out of 10.

A mate is going through a claim with Club Marine, who are pulling out all stops and bringing in excellent people like Sydney Rigging.

As of tomorrow we will be owners of a very shiny 36 footer and I'm fairly sure who will be getting our business. Unless something changes quickly QBE will never be seeing anything from us for boat, car and house insurance, and considering our claims history and what we have insured they will be the losers.
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Dodged payment of what I considered a legitimate claim

Reviewed Sep 2017
You find out how good an insurance company is when you have a claim, not when you pay the premium. My experience with QBE travel insurance was they dodged payment of what I considered a legitimate claim. Stretched the definition of what was supposedly pre-existing.
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Much better than suncorp

Reviewed Nov 2017
I spoke to QBE today, their coverage is much better than Suncorp, however the guy did say that they do not cover for blockages to cooling lines/ intakes. I am banking on the fact the fella wasn't sure what I was talking about, but I will be able to get a firm and decisive answer before I pay the premium and/ or use the boat again. Their transit cover seems very good too, in answer ro someone elses question, ANYBODY who is towing your boat with your permission is covered under the policy as long as there is nothing illegal going on (drink driving etc)...

They also allowed me to itemise electronics instead of an overall value, and cover fishing/ sporting gear for $500 an item or $5000 an event, which I thought was ok.
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Takes on some non mainstream risks

Reviewed Oct 2017
With insurance it is necessary to know who the "underwriter" is before committing to a policy.

Insurance is a multi level business where the retailers will take your money and give you all sorts of promises. A mine field really.

QBE is one company that takes on some non mainstream risks.

They will take on rowing sculls and land yachts (if they are blokarts).

It is worth spending time on research with insurance rather than accepting the cheapest quote.

I don't worry too much about premiums but I do make sure of policy and coverage.
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Great service when it came to a total loss claim

Colin Leake
Reviewed Nov 2018
A customer of mine had their boat some off its mooring and was holed and sank. I was involved in the salvage of the vessel.

QBE and the surveyor, Sundras, were excellent to deal with. They were prompt, professional and understanding of the difficulties involved.

My customer also said they paid him out with no fuss and were sympathetic to his loss.
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