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Dont be afraid to ask questions

Darren & Kris Schmidtke
Reviewed May 2018
There is no such thing as a great insurance company that will work for everyone. You never know until you make a claim, but if you open and honest with them before taking out your policy you have increased your chance of a successful relationship.

However we are also with Pantaenious. We did a LOT of research before parting with the $$. We had lots of interaction with Chris Tilly of Pantaenious and he always gave us a clear answer. Not always the answer that we wanted he was very clear of what was covered and talked to us in plain language. We also compared the other major companies policys and thought the Pantaenious gave us the best coverage for the out lay. Its a matter of understanding what you are covered for and dont be afraid to ask questions.
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Very impressed

Reviewed Jan 2018
I got on to Pantaenius for 3rd party (asked Club Marine as well but, still waiting for a reply) when I did my Pacific circuit last year and they were most helpful. And when my renewal notice came from Club Marine in November at the end of last year, I asked Pantaenius for a comprehensive insurance quote and when they saw I still had some 3rd cover left over for the Pacific Circuit cruise, they took that into account and reduced the premium even more. Very Very impressed.
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They did well by us in Europe so we went with them again in Aus

Dreamtime Sail
Reviewed Nov 2017
Having experienced exceptional service when a claim was lodged after our previous boat was hit by a charter cat in Spain, we insured with Pantaenius in Australia as soon as we bought our new to us older, traditional ketch here. Their premium was very competitive and we were able to renegotiate the agreed value upwards after completing a major refit and re-rig of the boat. This was very important to us.

We have not had a claim here but have enjoyed good service from the staff in all our dealings including the when changing our policy to include the western Pacific for a trip then altering back to the lower premium when we returned. Some of the conditions of the policy such as the lack of cover if you leave your boat at anchor overnight are restrictive but when we examined other companies PD Statements they all seem to have similar clauses. Make sure you check yours. Over all we are very happy. We hope we are never unfortunate enough to need to claim but if we do we will update our review afterwards.
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Gave Club Marine the flick

Reviewed Apr 2017
Gave Club Marine the flick. Too exy. Their premium went up 30% from the previous year. Now use Pantaenous.
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Not happy

Scott Fleming
Reviewed Nov 2016
Following a claim for weather related damage while the yacht was moored in a NSW international marina, I was left unhappy for the following reasons.

1. Clearly my policy stated I would not be liable for the deductible (excess), yet they insisted I would have to pay this - it took a second round of discussions and delays before they agreed I would not have to pay.

2. My preferred repairers quote was not accepted, nor was the second quote I had provided. Pantaenius themselves sent over a repairer of their own choice, who's quote happened to be in excess of 30% lower than the supplied quotes by specialist repairers (in this case, spray painters).

As the suggested repairer was not a spray painting firm I felt I had no control over who would conduct the repairs as this firm intended to use a sub contractor and I had no means of being able to review there previous repair work.

3. As this quote was used as the basis of the settlement, if I chose to use the painter of my choice, I was to be substantially out of pocket (which I was in the end).

Summarising, I was left unhappy about the entire process, was substantially out of pocket for an incident that was not our fault and outside of our control. From the date of my initial quotes being submitted, to the settlement and funds being placed in my account so work could commence, was over two weeks. This coupled with the argument over the payment of the deductible and their selection of a repairer not suitable for the repair task was unacceptable in my book. A serious review of my insurance needs will be conducted at renewal time next year!
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