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Employed metallurgist to find fault with the rig

Reviewed Sep 2017
After recommending Pantanius to a few people, I won't be any more....

Racing yacht in WA, had rig inspection and was approved by insurer.

Not long after lost rig, made claim.

Insurer employed metallurgist to find fault with the rig and reject the claim
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Great until you have to make a claim
Reviewed Sep 2018
I have been with Pantaenius for five years and, up to the point of having to make a claim, have been satisfied. It is when you make a claim their true colors emerge. We had a severe storm cell pass through which caused some toe rail and stanchion damage. I obtained two quotes for the repair and was offered around 25% of the value. They want to do a sub standard unsafe repair, do not answer questions posed to them and leave you hanging for up to six weeks between communications. Not impressed at all. Still waiting for the claim to be resolved 10 months after the event.
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Reviewed Mar 2018
Their haul outs are extremely expensive and they didn’t give any information regarding the possible cost during these type of events. Premiums are highly expensive for their dubious coverage. Customer service or representative lacks understanding of customer situation and If you persist they become very rude and inattentive. We had a horrible experience with them my loss wasn’t covered barely minimum. Hence I can confidently say that Don’t risk your investment with them. Make your search thoroughly before settling down with Pantaenius Yacht Insurance.
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Very Helpful

Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Oct 2017
We have only owned our yacht for a couple of years. When we initially looked into the insurance we knew that the previous owners were insured with Pantaenius, so we looked around at the main players anyway

Some were ridiculously expensive. Some were short on details. Some were very confusing on details. We ended up insuring with Pantaenius because the staff were very helpful and explained the policy well highlighting the areas of our concerns.

The proof with any insurance will always be when you have to make a claim and hopefully we will never have to find out.
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Totally inappropriate in cover

Reviewed Sep 2018
Pantaenius Have all the mathematical equations to negate liability and lower payments then when you have a small claim 35k after at catastrophic cyclone (Debbie) I have the privilege of paying 55% of my claim all when I was told I was fully covered!! BS! Totally inappropriate in cover found reason not to cover things no point having insurance if they don’t cover damage!!
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