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Cant do a syndicate with eight members.

Mark Williams
Reviewed Feb 2017
A private self managed syndicate of eight members was seeking comparison quotes for its insurance. Pantaenius was approached at a boat show and assured us that we met their criteria and that they had many syndicates on their books. They were unsuccessful the first time but the next year they were the preferred choice. Then the problems started and finally they told us they can't do a syndicate with eight members. Really.
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Their NAMED CYCLONE Policy is just a game of Russian Roulette.

Reviewed May 2017
Insurance should be all encompassing. They dont cover yachts on a mooring in a Named Cyclone. So those owners are meant to quickly get their yachts to a marina in the face of an approaching cyclone thus risking death. I wonder what the claims will be then...
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Happy but fine print requires reading

Scott Munro
Reviewed May 2017
Similarly I had my insurance go progressively more expensive, that is 40% higher over 3 years so went looking at the boat show. Pantaenius were very helpful friendly etc. My Cat was approaching 10 years old and the quotes were 25% cheaper so was pleased to insure. Things that irked me personally was that once on the hook they mentioned the requirement for a Marine Surveyor Inspection prior to insuring. The was also the fine print that "Solo Night Transits" were not covered. My renewal this year I asked for clarification and got a vague response indicating that was for oceanic stuff, however am contacting them again to see if a waiver is required for returning to Brisbane from the Whitsundays, some of that would entail night works. Overall at this stage happy.
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Polite, helpful and patient

Reviewed Sep 2016
I am insured with Pantaenius. Absolutely very happy with them so far. No arguments about location, ... pay racing risk and as far as I am concerned very happy. Easy to deal with, polite, helpful and most of all patient as I was trying to do it whilst away at work at sea with crappy internet ..... Like accountants and lawyers, when you find one you like .... you hang onto them
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Additional exclusions after claim.

Reviewed Feb 2017
Staff were helpful and friendly to deal with and overall cost for service compared well with other companies.
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