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Given us every reason they could think of for not paying our claim

Reviewed Apr 2018
On July 4, 2006 our boat sank off the coast of Australia. Our boat hit debris and a hole was punctured in the boat. The hole was seen by a commercial fishing vessel that was sent to our aid and their report concerning the hole is part of an official Australian Marine document.

Northernreef Insurance has given us every reason they could think of for not paying our claim, all of them not based on the facts. We are financially out a considerable amount of money plus the added expense of lawyers. We will now have additional costs for filing suit. Our experience should alert sailors to question Northernreef Insurance and all of the "associates" that sell the policies or work for the company.

The saddest part for us is we have had to stop our journey and now sit ashore and pine for the life we once so loved on the open sea.
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