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I am very focused on the T&C's

Reviewed Sep 2017
I'm leery after a friend lost his boat a year ago and really went through the wringer on the payout, so I am very focused on the t&c's. $372 per month on a 40' with Nautilus for mine. The premium starts at $500 for personal effects up to $5000 for MSRS
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They have not been very helpful at all

Mike Cramb
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Reviewed May 2017
My Yacht hit a drifting wave recorder buoy off Evans Head. Our rudder was ripped out of the hull and we had to abandon our beautiful yacht. Eventually she washed ashore was looted by locals then wrecked by a very amateurish salvage. Im still trying to recover my personal items . Police are investigating theft of our gear by the salvage people. Nautilus wont return my emails. They have not been very helpful at all. We were covered for loss of personal items & they wont pay our claim even though the stuff was stolen while the boat was in their control. The true test for any insurance company is when you have to make a claim. These guys did everything to minimize their loss nothing to try and help even though we had lost our home. There are much better companies out there to deal with especially if you are a cruising yachty. Nautilus are probably ok if own a speed boat or a tinny. If you have a valuable yacht look elsewhere .
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Very quick and supportive when we needed them

Terry Hinchliffe
Reviewed Oct 2016
When I did the unforgivable by launching a large sterndrive driven power boat with the bungs out I thought I was in for a huge repair bill. I drove the boat off the trailer, parked the car and returned to find the motor happily ticking over but half submerged in sea water. After 40 years of boating I suppose I had to do it one day. To my surprise, Nautilus came to the rescue when it came to the extensive repairs needed to the engine. They used an independent assessor who worked in tandem with the local Mercury dealer to ensure that all was fixed with a minimum of fuss. I was very impressed.
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Avoid like the plague

Reviewed Sep 2016
I would avoid Nautilus like the plague. Sailing back from Queensland we hit something and snapped the centreboard off. Pulled into Port Stephens ? Lemon Tree Passage and Nautilus arranged for a ship wright to build and fix a new one.

That took 6 months. After that we went up and to sail it back to Sydney. On the way down the rigging started to resonate and shake every few minutes. Got to Manly and dived underneath, and the Centre Board was 50% larger than the original. I called the ship wright and he said he would come down and have a look. I arranged to meet him 4 times and he never showed. I asked why he didnt build it to the original design which he replied he build it to a generic design and he didnt have the plans. Though they were sitting on the chart table and he was told this.

I called Nautilus about the issue and they said it was between me and the shipwright. This is despite me telling then that they had the agreement with the shipwright and they had signed the job off. I spoke to the slipway in Lemon Tree passage and they said that the shipwright build the centre board to the shap of the plan but some how forgot the lead. So when he dropped the boat back in the water and went to drop the board it didnt drop. (wood floats). So what he did, instead of rebuilding it properly, he just slapped two bits of ply on the aft section of the centre board and then jammed folded ribbon of lead to give it weight. (found this out when we cut it apart).

Well arguing went on with Nautilus for three years and they eventually settled out of court. My boat sat there for two years. Im over the shonky Marine industry. So word of warning - Stay away from Nautilus and a shipwright by the name of Fisher sniffing around the ports. Thats my whine for the week. Time to get insurance with someone else.
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Extremely poor,I will not insure with them again.

Reviewed Aug 2018
They took my money for over 10 years,when I made a claim after Cyclone Debbie they delayed payment for 6 months and only paid after I got the ombutsman involved and even then would not pay for all damages, they had excuse after excuse.My friends and I will not deal with them.
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