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Very pleased with response time

Reviewed Sep 2016
Im with Nautilus and a few months back had my boat cleaned out by some opportunistic individuals. In total the repair, replacement bill ran to about $17k. Everything was replaced new or upgraded model Lowrance Gen 2 to Lowrance Gen 3 for example. Items like esky, ipod, lifejackets replaced no questions asked without receipts. Very pleased with response time and attitude and great help through difficult period. Only cost to me was insurance premium.
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Repairs approved in shortest possible time

Reviewed Sep 2016
This is a belated but sincere commendation for the manner in which the claim for damage to my 12 metre cruiser was handled by Nautilus Marine.

It has now been six months since ex tropical cyclone Oswald caused much damage to marine facilities and craft in the Wynnum Manly area.

The efficiency of your agency staff in handling my claim is to be highly praised. Indeed, repairs were approved in the shortest possible time and repairs completed before many other boat owners had even received acknowledgement from rival insurers.

Rest assured, I will recommend Nautilus Marine insurance to colleagues in the boating fraternity who seek high standards of service from their insurers.
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Disaster averted

Reviewed Feb 2018
After a mast drop, preparing to go under Frematle bridges, several large launches sped past, violently rocking our yacht causing damage. We cancelled our trip and motored home to RPYC. On inspection, one spreader was loosened and the tabernacle was bent slghtly to starboard and weakened. Continuing on out to sea could have led to a sailing catastrophe. Erring on the side of caution I sought professional advice from Skymaze and made a claim through Nautilus for repairs. Nautilus were good to their word and approved the claim. Very happy with the outcome.
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Not that competitive to start with and premium increase every year

Eugenie Alder
Reviewed Oct 2017
Comprehensive insurance for 50ft sailboat.

I can't speak for how they handle claims as we didn't need to claim. Supposedly maximum no claim discount of 30% was applied. Excess on everything.

Year 1 premium: not that competitive

Year 2 premium: 23% increase! Although initially quoted 50% increase. I missed the renewal and therefore couldn't switch.

Year 3 quoted: 45% increase (was it a mistake again or a dubious strategy?)

I had learnt my lesson and anticipated the renewal. Switched to Topsail who quoted 15% cheaper than my premium 2 years ago. I was able to use my survey from 2 years ago.

It's a hassle but you have to plan to re-assess every year and shop around. It's worth considering getting a survey done every few years when the boat is out of the water for other maintenance. Even if the resulting premium saving (from switching or negotiating down with your existing insurer) is offset by the survey cost, there is more value in a survey than in increased insurance premiums.

Avoid the monthly instalment if you can, you will lose money there too. It's typically financed at 17% interest rate.
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If I didnt have to give 1 star - I wouldnt. Poor payout and poor service

Reviewed Oct 2017
Fully comprehensive insurance policy - costing $3200 pa. Been with them 5 years - never made a claim. Boat severely damaged in flooding caused by Cyclone Debbie. Took 2.5 months to approve salvage. Meanwhile boat sat in water rotting. Then once towed, sat for a further 1.5 months on a hard stand, with no sign of an assessor. Assessor finally came and it took him another month to write his report. Over $90k damage, they offered $16k. We had no energy left to fight claim, and just accepted. Will not insure with them again. Assessor was someone who used to work for Nautilus, but had just started his own business. Felt he might be getting some kind of kick-back for his assessments.
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