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Nautilus - A disgraceful bunch

Andy Burnip
Reviewed Jun 2017
All second hand boat owners are burdened with the fact that to be insured, the insurer needs to see an official survey, which of course has a cost - generally between about $400 and $800, depending on the boat.

Therefore, once you are insured, an unscrupulous insurer can very comfortably hit you for a stiff rise each year of, in my case about $400 every year for 4 years.. You can whinge and knock them down a bit and put up with it for a few years because the alternative is to pull the boat out and get a survey done so that you can change insurer. Eventually though you are so sick of this disgraceful practice that you foot the bill for a survey, because you know it will save you perhaps even thousands into the future by allowing you to move to another more reputable insurer. This is what I am doing next week because I am sick of Nautilus.
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Nautilus attempts to not pay out.

Reviewed May 2017
My story involves a jet ski. I'm a careful person who has never made a claim. Not for my car, house, motorcycle, boat, jet ski. My new seadoo hit something in the water and cracked the hull and intern took in water and damaged the engine. This was 3 months ago and to date have not given me a clear answer to weather they are covering it or not. They have had a lot of wrong thoughts as to why they don't want to cover it. It's a straight forward claim. I think with some clients they make it hard and hope you give up. I've spoken with the ombudsman and a solicitor and I will eventually get the outcome I deserve. Club marine is a far better choice.
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bad customer service, every year big increase

gofor it
Reviewed Sep 2017
After another increase from around 15% this year i rang asked why, answer we will send you an email. Thats never happened. So rang again and told the manager i am getting it cheaper if I do a new insurance online. I sent him a screenshot from the online quote. Then as an answer i received a email with all different sorts of newsletter stuff but not answering my questions. Be careful if you go with these guys getting very expensive.i paid 2013 $333 today 2017 they asking for $444

30% increase in 4 years that a lot.
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Not Happy

Reviewed May 2018
I had my boat insurance with them for over ten years and paid my fees on time, but after Cyclone Debbie hit, they were very slow to help and wouldn't pay for all damages.I am no longer with them and will not go back.
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Always great service

Phil Molony
Reviewed Nov 2016
Papillon was insured with Nautilus from the day she was first registered. Over the past six years, including five Sydney to Hobarts, Nautilus has provided great coverage, keen prices and excellent service. We had to make two claims in that time and were treated with courtesy and respect. I strongly recommend Nautilus to other ocean racers.
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