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In the end everything was covered no questions asked

via Fishraider  
Reviewed May 2018
I am with GIO for my boat and find them ok. I had to make a not at fault claim last year and the process was ok. A bit drawn out due to having to get an assessor in, but that's probably par for the course. In the end everything was covered no questions asked.

One point worth noting is that in the fine print of my policy a chain by itself is not sufficient and they won't pay for theft in that case. You also need some other form of security. For me it is a wheel clamp, nothing too fancy, but enough to satisfy the policy requirements.

As has been said above it is a deterrent, nothing else.

I also advocate a boat cover. At home I have a full cover. On the trailer on the road and on the water when we are away I have a storm cover. As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.
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