Data and insights for the waterways of tomorrow.

Deckee Boating Analytics empowers effective decision making and provides insights into where, when and how people move around the waterways.

Heatmap of Boating Activity Data at Port Stephens in Australia

Understand boating activity with greater accuracy

Maritime agencies are faced with a long list of safety challenges and lack the data and tools needed to plan for the future of recreational boating for their citizens. Deckee provides precise, fast, and reliable data reports to facilitate decision-planning and analysis, along with access to our team of data science and geospatial experts.

  • Millions of anonymised data points are added to Deckee’s repository every month, generating unparalleled behavioural insights
  • See where boat traffic occurs, common origins and destinations, and the patterns and activities of boaters on the waterways
  • Identify high risk areas and uncover the factors that contribute to increased boating incident exposure
  • Unlock insights to inform policy and investment decision making, and compare before and after to know what’s really working
  • No GIS experience needed – Deckee’s platform helps partners explore trends simply and intuitively, no technical experience required
  • Export anonymised data in common GIS file formats to analyse in your organisation’s preferred geospatial platform

"When we evaluated the market for options, Deckee was a clear and proven leader to ensure the safety of citizens on the water."

Michael Wann, Operations Advisory, KPMG

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Chart showing boating behavioural data on a waterway

Identify patterns. Improve safety. Evaluate projects.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most modern software, backed by world-class support and a laser focus on making our customers successful and the public safer.

Boating Data Analytics Dashboard on a Macbook

Integrated with the award winning Deckee boating safety app

Available for free download for iOS and Android, the Deckee mobile app has an extensive set of essential features for anyone spending time on the water.

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