Join us on a voyage into uncharted waters

What online tools and resources will the boating industry need in five or ten years time? How can an online service become the extra set of hands every boat owner needs?

These are the questions that inspired us to dream big and create Deckee. But if we want to help a global community of boat owners, it is going to take a talented, diverse and united crew.

The problem with posting a traditional job advertisement is that it forces us to describe a specific role in a way that wouldn't really capture our passion and the values that shape the way we work.

We've realised that finding someone with the qualities we need requires a different kind of approach.

So what makes a good Deckee?

Having an appreciation or love of the boating lifestyle is a great start, but it's certainly not essential. We have come to realise the importance of good character. This is not something that you switch on when you're around others – it is who you are as a person and that naturally resonates through your actions.

Your work as a Deckee is a combination of your strongest talents and what you are passionate about. That means you have a unique perspective and skill set that you want to put it into practise to help create the future of boating industry online.

A good Deckee continuously learns and adapts. We never make the same mistake twice. We love experimentation, metrics-driven decisions and we are constantly looking to simplify and improve our value as a service and our capabilities as a team.

A good work/life balance is essential to the productivity of a Deckee. We believe in having the time to do the things that interest you and make you happy, so you can always deliver your best for the crew.

If these points describe you and entice you, and you have professional-level skills in web design, engineering, sales, marketing, customer support or anything else, then please introduce yourself by emailing us at

But wait! Here are a few quick tips.

You should be excited about what Deckee is doing, and have an idea of how you might fit into it. It's fine—great even—if you have more questions than answers, but if you're just dropping a line into every pond you find, save your time.

Write well, attach nothing. We assess applicants on the strength of their communication because that is so much of the job. Say what you have to say in the body of the email message and link to anything you want to show us.

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