Yamba Marina

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A great place, good facilities, friendly staff

Reviewed Oct 2017
Yamba marina has great facilities for travelling yachties. On-site toilets and showers, laundry, fresh fish sales right at the dock, on-site cafe-restaurant, chandlery etc. It's a nice walk into the town of Yamba along a scenic path. I'd stop there again.
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Aralla on the hard at Yamba

Reviewed Dec 2018
Two short slippings at Iluka over a few years meant that when Aralla went over to Yamba Marina for a haul out there was going to be major work needed. Aralla, at 90 years old, would be up for 3 weeks I expected. Turned out to be 4 weeks. By far the best place we have worked on her since the CCYC at Cairns in 1995! Excellent service, close good coffee, thanks to all the staff.
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