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A trip remembered forever

JackandJude Binder
Reviewed Dec 2017
We're biased. We've know Trevor and the Stormbreaker on many adventures and practical deeds.

We, that is both Jack and Jude would like to highlight the amazing deeds of West Coast Yacht Charters, Tasmania, who ply all Australian waters but far more intensely they know Macquarie Harbour and the navigable reaches of the mighty Gordon River in western Tasmania. Yes, that is one of the wildest regions in this great country, but Trevor and his crew Rob regularly do over sixty trips up river a season. Mid-winter isn’t a time for the Gordon, you’d have to be one of those amazing Huon Piners to go up river mid-winter.

Trevor has been taking passengers everywhere in the harbor, and up river, and picking up the rafters after completing their adventure down the Franklin and Gordon Rivers for over 25 years!. He’s an ace on history. Can’t stop him talking sometimes, always spouting some interesting fact about a place you’re going past. Knows all about Sarah Island and its convict past. Knows probably close to the most about the magnificent Gordon River of southern Tasmania.

He does charter private parties but if you go up on one of his rafter pick-up trips, he’s got time for putting up a bit of sail, wind Gods allowing and then sail to the magical Gordon reflections of soaring timber clad mountains, seen from the comfort of a 70 foot steel yacht – a trip to remember. Tell Megs, Jack and Jude sent you.

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