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Everything you could need, and prices are right

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Feb 2016
The Deckstore is across the road from Cairns Cruising Yacht Club, in Tingira Street, Portsmith. They carry an enormous range of commercial and pleasure boat gear, and prices are usually more than competitive. I like being able to go online first and compare prices and specifications - a lot of businesses don't bother keeping that info up to date.

Unusually, the staff know about boats, know their products, and are prepared to take some time to ensure you get the right gear. The principals actually own and operate their own trawlers, so they understand reliability. It's a refreshing contrast to supermarket-style boat shopping. Because of their commercial fishing experience they also understand the urgency of any orders placed from at sea, and can arrange to send gear to you, wherever you are. It's what they do, so no big deal as it sometimes is when trying to get 'mail order' from other chandleries.

The Deckstore also has a rigging/wire rope loft with modern swaging gear and the ability to splice most lines. As a former yacht rigger in the Cairns area I found their swaging services - making up rigging wires - were excellent and accurate.
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