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Fantastic help, advice and prices

Peter Williams
Reviewed Dec 2015
Tamar marine's staff are simply brilliant.

They are knowledgeable and friendly, always willing to help. The store has a fantastic range and is well priced. The staff go out of their way to get things done and they once delivered an item to me at the local bus station because I was passing through but couldn't make it to the store.

I'm not a fishing guy but their store has just the hugest range of fishing gear about, and certainly the best range in Tasmania.
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Most helpful and price competitive marine shop

ted sherrin
Reviewed Dec 2015
I've been shopping at TM for the past four years since I purchased a boat. For our area there is not a huge amount of competition so would think they would be an expensive shop. But they will equal any price in Whitworths and other magazines with a smile and they reward customer loyalty.

Great knowledgable staff, happy to assist too. The owner has even came and opened up on after hours once when I was desperate.

Five stars if there is such a thing.
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