Soldiers Point Marina

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soldiers point marina

Reviewed Jan 2018
This marina is excellent the service by the staff is unreal and it should be at $800.00 a week but it is very good In my opinion the only thing that lets them down is the mechanical shop who told me they would do a job for me then did not show up at all and also did not bother to tell me they they were not going to do it until I contacted them 4 days later ,the woman there was extremely rude and one of the mechanics that was more interested in rolling his smoke and telling me he new nothing about the job. Worst service I have ever experienced anywhere .
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Accessibility to everything

Paul Leaming
Reviewed May 2016
I was at the marina for the game fishing competition in February and stayed for over 2 weeks. What I liked apart from the friendliness of the staff was the accessibility to everything, and the fuel wharf was easy to get to.
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Attention to detail is fantastic

Bruce Vaughn
Reviewed May 2016
We have been at the marina for 1 year and we couldn't be happier. The service and attention to detail is fantastic. Everyone we have recommended the marina to has said the same thing. We wouldn't stay anywhere else
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Great couple of weeks

Glenn Johnstone
Reviewed May 2016
Just a quick thanks for the great couple of weeks up there. You and your team made the stay a real pleasure & I very much look forward to our next stay.
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Staying at this marina is like staying at a luxury resort.

Rich West
via Google  
Reviewed Mar 2018
Staying at this marina is like staying at a luxury resort. There's an air conditioned lounge with complimentary coffee drinks and wine, cable television, and a computer with internet access. There's a complimentary car, a Lexus SUV, that visitors can use for trips to town and sightseeing outings (they keep it gassed up and don't let you pay for any). There are two excellent restaurants on shore and a small cafe on the docks. There are luxurious private bathrooms with showers on shore and a sauna. Scattered around the area are beautiful sculptures, and at night the water is lit with colorful lights. There's a lovely beach next to the marina for swimming and a beautiful park a short walk away. And in the summer someone comes around the boats with complimentary coffee drinks in the morning and margaritas in the evening. Meanwhile, the friendly staff is always ready to help with whatever you need. It's not inexpensive, of course, but if you factor in the free access to a car (and the drinks) it's actually quite a bargain for the experience you get.
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