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Consistently good service....

Reviewed Oct 2017
I read with surprise the recent (very negative) review of this business. Whilst I cannot comment on the experience of that reviewer, I felt it was important to describe the very different experience which we have had at Marine Rescue Shoalhaven over the past 6 years.

Shoalhaven Marine has done all of the engine service work our our Steber 38 since it was launched in 2011. This vessel is a Marine Rescue vessel in 2C survey which currently has over 2000 hours on each engine.

During this time we have never had any issues whatsoever that were related to service quality, Anthony has always performed the service to the standards set by Yanmar for our twin 420HP engines.

Furthermore, following the services the vessel is always left in the very clean and tidy state in which it is always kept.

Anthony has also always made himself available to discuss any engine issues, including coming to the vessel on weekends.

I have no hesitation in recommending his work.
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