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very knowledgeable

Jane Coutts
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Reviewed Aug 2017
This guy was very response and helpful. He's very knowledgeable about all aspects of leisure craft and good value for money
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Survey for Insurance

Reviewed Jul 2018
Survey for Insurance purposes. We were charged $700 for a survey that said all was in good condition when it wasn't. Major problems which were obvious should have been easily picked up and noted in the report. Rotten main bulkhead which was clearly visible, at the same spot there had been an electrical fire and all the wiring was terminated. There was no mention of any of these items in the report.
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Judges a boat by its age and not by the maintenance or lack of it

Reviewed Mar 2018
I got a full survey from this company as I dont have the time to go and see the boat I am purchasing. The feedback was for a decent boat. However as I have been going on through the boat, its become ovious that the person who owned it did not believe in either fit for purpose of sea worthy.

Rigging undersized, mast bent, engine blocked, rusted, Backing plates are not existent, holding tank is botch job with sikaflex spilled everywhere. leaky heads pumps. Something as clear cut as halyards needing splicing and instead this ones had knots was not mentioned on the survey. Its a massive shame that this company can not tell the difference between age and not knowing what has been done correctly and what is in need of want.
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I have not been disappointed

Graham Mulligan
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Reviewed Aug 2017
Rob Landis was prepared to have me work alongside him, ask many questions, discuss problems, issues, and possible solutions as he went about his survey. He did so in a warm, friendly, helpful and understanding manner. His work was very thorough, to the highest professional standards. I gained an important direct understanding of the yacht surveyed. As a result I was very confident to proceed with the purchase and I have not been disappointed.
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