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Great Service

Tony Austin
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2015
For the past 2 weeks one of my rather old Yamaha FT9.9 HT engines had been misbehaving. The engine is fitted to a Seawind 1000 catamaran and is not easy to remove. The symptoms were really quite fluffy and at various times I thought that the cause was fuel flow, then spark then finally evil spirits. Being a long way from home I finally gave up and contacted the local Yamaha outboard agent. Zane, the workshop manager, was extremely patient & supportive as I worked my way through the history of the problem and my 'brilliant' diagnostic assessments. I even cancelled a scheduled visit to the boat on quite short notice when I thought that I had 'finally' fixed the problem.

In the end I gave up and called in the professionals for an onsite assessment and repair. Despite being busy in the workshop, they had a tech out within 2 days and he was great. Greg listened to what I had to say and suggested that the CDI was almost certainly the culprit. Suffice to say he was right - we swapped the CDI from the good engine to the bad and it ran beautifully. A new CDI was sent up from Sydney and fitted whilst we were visiting family, also in Sydney.

Conclusion: The team at Rising Sun Marine (workshop and spare parts) are a great bunch of guys who are polite, professional and very much focused on keeping their customers (and their engines!) happy. I thought that their prices were most reasonable and I strongly recommend them to anyone needing Yamaha support.
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New motor and customer service

Reviewed Nov 2017
New motor paid in cash. Lied about booking, mechanics had no idea boat was coming. Wrong parts ordered and given wrong gauges. Extremely bad service BUT mechanics out back were fantastic.
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