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Really need experienced staff

Reviewed Aug 2018
To busy to help the woman was extremely rude products more expensive than new.

After the lady had to run off I went down the road and purchased brand new with fittings for less than the second hand item with no fittings.
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Innovative and exceptional business

Sue Parry-Jones
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jun 2016
We have become so aware in this day and age about the value of not throwing things away but when it comes to marine things where do you pass on useful but no longer needed items?

When I began the task of bringing my own boat back up to scratch I found so much 'junk' on board that was no longer useful to me but could be useful to others......this business is just what was needed! They will take your unwanted items and not only that, but you can get used-but-in-good-shape items for a fraction of the cost of new stuff! Perfect! They are innovative and active and their listings are updated almost daily.
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Declutter your boat with Recycled Boat Bits

Reviewed Aug 2018
At the start of our Cruising life, we stopped at Gold Coast City Marina for an electrical refit. It soon became apparent that we had too much boat stuff onboard our Catamaran as we continually shuffled things from lockers and bilge compartments to allow access for the electricians!

One phone call to Recycled Boat Bits was all it took. Karyn visited our boat the next day and took everything we wanted to offload - even the old electronics as they were being disconnected by the electricians while we chatted about sailing and cruising. Karyn was a pleasure to deal with and we were happy with the price for our excess boat bits.
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Great resource at Gold Coast City Marine precinct

Greg Harding
Reviewed May 2018
Recently we were in the hard at Boatworks at Coomera and needed to go to Gold Coast City Marine precinct for some unrelated items. While there I spied a new store being Recycled Boat Bits. Its next door and upstairs next to the Sandwich shop on site. Run by Karyn and John it is a warehouse full of second hand boat bits. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon in my new favourite store sorting through all the boxes of gear. There are loads of second hand gear for boats from rope to filters. If you are after a part that can no longer be sourced this would be an excellent location to have a good search. They can be found at or on Bay.
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