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Would recommend to any boat buyer or seller

Mark Bugeja
Reviewed May 2016
I engaged Paul Miletta from Q7 Marine Cabarita to list my Riviera for sale. Paul and his staff did a great job advertising and promoting the sale resulting in it being sold within a short period of time.

During the sale process and afterwards Paul provided great support and advice. Since then Paul has also assisted me in looking for another boat. After purchasing one he has been a great help in organising

insurance and helping me source contractors for other services I required.

My experience with Paul and Q7 has all been positive and I would recommend him and his services to any boat buyer and seller.
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Advice and counsel was very valuable

Peter Dein
Reviewed May 2016
My recent experience with Q7 has been excellent. I purchased a 37' flybridge cruiser through Paul and Mark last September. Although having three decades of boating experience behind me with three boats, it had mainly been with smaller vessels. So I found their advice and counsel was very valuable. Yes, they are in the business of selling boats and of course you would expect them to do their best to settle a transaction, however without any hesitation I'll say that their business integrity was without fault. I found nothing but open and frank responses to my questions about the boat. And to complete the picture, they also pointed out things that I was not thinking about. They were acting in my best interests but I could also see they were acting in the best interests of the seller, an excellent balance. And I should point out that their 'free after-sales service', to which they have no obligation to offer, has been fantastic. They have always been available on the phone for a chat, or in person to offer their own time, eg. with marina movements, no obligation introductions to the wider marine family, and even with some on-board tuition. When the time comes to upgrade to my fifth boat, they will be my first port of call. I admire their business integrity and highly recommend Q7.
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They take the time to listen to you

Gary Kendrick
Reviewed May 2016
I offered to write a testimonial for Paul and Q7 Marine by this I mean I was not asked to write one. I would also for the purpose of readers of this like to keep it very short and to the point. I was seeking to purchase a 28ft Bayliner and I had three hits on boatsales.com and yes I visited and looked at all three. However it is not what you are buying that is always the most important, it is who you are buying from, do you trust them, will they tell you the truth, do they care about you and your circumstance, will they take the time to listen to you and finally whilst at the time I did not appreciate this will they look after you in the coming weeks after purchase to make sure you are content, offering help and advice be that on the phone or in person, the after sales CARE that Paul and Q7 offered to me has been up and above and for this reason alone I write this testimonial and would be more than happy for Paul to on pass my mobile number to any potential purchaser so I can advise in greater detail.

Paul and the team thank you for your service and support it separates you from the rest and I now know I was right in my decision to purchase from the Q7 team.
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Good honest advice

Stephen and Jakki Dutton
Reviewed May 2016
We recently purchased a 40 foot Silverton Sport Bridge and Q7 were the brokers that facilitated the purchase on our behalf. We had previously owned smaller leisure vessels and this was our first foray into a

larger boat purchase. Very daunting indeed but the whole process was made much easier by Mark and Paul at Q7. Their professional advice and support throughout the entire process made us feel much more

comfortable. They assisted us with survey advice, slipping and mechanical personnel to undertake the necessary checks etc.

If you are looking for a broker to work for you with good honest advice then we couldn't recommend Paul and Mark of Q7 Marine highly enough.
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Terrific customer service

Murray Coleman
Reviewed May 2016
We have recently bought a boat through Q7 and specifically Paul Miletta. We could not be happier and more surprised by their terrific customer service and very professional approach. Paul has been very clear and specific all the way through and has helped us immensely in choosing the boat we now have which is fully suited to our needs. I would recommend Paul and Q7 to anyone looking to buy a new or used boat - he really does have your best interests at heart. I am sure this will be a long term relationship. Thanks Paul.
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