Old Launceston Seaport Marina

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At the head of the Tamar tidal tributary

Shea Wines
Reviewed Jun 2019
3m tides and the gradual but continuous buildup of silt affects this close to the city marina.

Motor up the Tamar from low tide to arrive at high. Berths are cramped but adequate for most craft. Cross currents and depths, except for at slack high tide, limit access to those not wanting to knock their vessel around. No marine services but cafes, restaurants and a bar on summers days make it relatively inviting.

Inner berths are eventually going to be on the silt at low tide except for the months after dredging. Close seacocks if staying over a few low tides.

Don't swim - don't fish due to heavy metal pollution. Jump in the tender and head up the South Esk River to the upper end of the gorge to swim in the crystal cold waters coming off the waterfalls.

Tamar Marine across the way for slipping and purchases. Rigger also available there. See Tamar Yacht Club for slipping also to the east of the Marina. Come alongside the jetty for bottom work during the low tide also.
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