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hands on

Matthew OKeefe
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Reviewed Jul 2017
Industry qualified with a youthful exuberance that is all about getting in touch with clients’ needs and being hands on
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Incredible mechanical service

Molly Lenns
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Reviewed Jul 2017
Had a Yanmar coming up the coast, the engine was overheating so we stopped in & the new owner Matt was able to fix our issue on the spot & no problem!!! The boat runs smooth & couldn't be happier. Service was great & catered to our every need. Highly recommended
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I cant say that I am happy!

William T
via Yellow Pages  
Reviewed Jul 2017
I cant say that I am happy! Just not enough care taken to ensure my boat was running well, which I must admit after just paying over $4000 to them i sort of expected it to be purring. That was not the case, the case was that it was about to cost heaps more. Many months have now past and hey I have learned lots about Diesel engines so that's good. Never would I ever trust in anyone again to check my engine over for me! I told him though that he should stop at $500 coz that was my budget. I paid the $500 and they checked/cleaned out fuel filters checked everything out, replaced the impeller and I was told the hoses were old/worn out and needed replacing, they were sucking in once impeller was replaced. two hoses were replaced one to the keel and one from whilst I was away and I returned to an invoice of 4400 less the 500 paid so still had a balance of 3900. Holy crap I thought but hey they are the professionals! It must be running perfectly good now. Wrong! Ended up overheating the engine on next trip coz too much pressure blew water out of header tank. Anyhow months later and many more thousands spent on head reconditioning etc got it all back together and hey that's when the penny dropped! Replacing the impeller shouldn't suck hoses in! If they were no good they should of blown. What's going on? Impeller pumped water straight into header tank which most spilt out, initial cause of overheating! This ain't right! I re-routed the direction of the water flow from the impeller into the hose to the keel which when through keel went into engine then out of engine into header tank, then header tank feeds impeller. No way in the world could any hose suck in, the mechanic mucked this up in the first place! Lovely guys they appear to be and either the mechanic is a bit dumb and allowed himself to be fooled by this or basically he just set me up. Been trying to get him back on board to have a look how I have done things now but his mum has been sick and school holidays etc
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