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Yacht Owner

Conn Williamson
Reviewed Feb 2016
I would have to disagree with Petrea McCarthy. I'd say Muir Marine is THE best chandlery in Qld. Being owner operated and not one of your same stuff franchise businesses, they specialise in yacht and boat bits not seen in other chandlery's. They stock a great selection of gear for sail boats. You also won't find a nicer bloke than Ross, who is very experienced and knowledgeable with sail boats, his father was Jock Muir, doesn't mind parting with helpful information.

It's the sort of place that I always visit when I get the chance, even if I don't need anything.
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One of the best chandleries in Queensland

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Feb 2016
This little chandlery, on the corner of Cardigan Parade and the Esplanade at Manly, could hardly be more conveniently positioned. It's just across the road from the MBTBC Marina and within walking distance of all the other marinas at Manly. Despite its diminutive appearance from outside, the chandlery is actually quite large, and stocks just about everything you could need. The bonus is that both Ross and Jason Muir are very experienced boaties, who really know their products. They, and their staff are very helpful, whether you're buying a shackle or making a big purchase. Muir Marine is closed on Christmas and Anzac Day. That's it. Otherwise it is open 8am - 5pm.
3 people found this helpful. Do you?Thank Petrea McCarthy

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