Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club

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The pick of the Manly marinas

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jun 2016
We stayed at MBTBC over Christmas and found it friendly and extremely convenient. It is right in the Manly Harbour precinct, next to the Manly pool and across the road from the Manly Village shopping centre. Literally a two minute walk to all facilities, including cafes, restaurants, pub, supermarket, newsagent, chemist, post office, butcher etc etc.

If you don't have a car, transport to other parts of Brisbane is by rail, with the train station about ten minutes' walk away.

The actual Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club is across the walkway from the marina - it is perhaps a minute's walk to the bar and restaurant facilities there. Our dogs were no problem - just keep pets on a lead and pick up after them if needed. Once outside the gates there are numerous options for walking - out to the harbour entrance, or along the Manly foreshore trail.

Mono and multi berths 10-24 m cater for most vessels, although this is a club marina, so there is not a huge number of casual berths available. Although we were unable to join in due to family commitments, we appreciated the standing invitation to the thrice-weekly cruisers' barbecue and sundowners, and the fact there is a dedicated and well-used bbq area for marina patrons.

Secure parking is available, and the whole marina has security gates, and security card access to amenities. The shipyard has a 30t travelift, and fuel is available on the fuel pontoon in front of the marina office.

Access to Moreton Bay is straightforward - exit the marina into the Harbour entrance channel, then follow the beacons until you're in Waterloo Bay. The whole area is relatively shallow, meaning 2-2.5m draft is the maximum practical, unless you are prepared to work the tides to move around.
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facilities, location and convenience

David Clowes
Reviewed Mar 2015
MBTBC is located very handily to Wynnum Manly shops, cafes and restaurants. The club has fuel and a ship lift, also very close to all Marine services.

The yacht club has live entertainment good club food and friendly staff.

Liveaboards are welcomed.

great marina.
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Don't let the name fool you!

Mark Paul
Reviewed Jul 2018
We're members at MBTBC; Manly's handiest marina. So perhaps we're biased? When cruising yachties ask about marinas in the Brisbane area, we dont hesitate to recommend the "trailer boat club". This often brings an incredulous smile or a puzzled look, but don't let the name fool you. Its not just for trailer boats. Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club is a large marina well set up for cruisers, both power and sail, with fuel, haulout for monos and small cats, clean amenities, gas refills, laundry, undercover parking, 7 day club meals and close proximity to the Manly village. There's many friendly liveaboards and quite a few guests that are passing through.
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