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Fantastic service

John Lemberg
Reviewed Nov 2015
I was recently on a Leopard 40 catamaran sailing and diving up the east coast of Australia, participating in the Darwin to Ambon Rally and finally cruising down through the western Banda Sea back to Darwin. We had cause to call into Newcastle to address an engine water pump that was making terminal noises. The guys at Minards reconditioned the pump then and there and we back on our way north within a day. A gear selector linkage failed within the gearbox as the boat approached Thursday Island. A phone call was placed to Minards and we were able to collectively diagnose the issue and effect a rescue of a wayward connecting pin from the sump of the gearbox with a magnetic pick up tool. In Ambon, the engine oil in one of the engines developed that horrible milky hue. A Skype call to our friends at Minards helped us to diagnose the likely cause, and the simple fix, just as we were preparing to take the head off.

The quality of service we received from Minards has been superb and demonstrates a business that genuinely wants to assist boat owners in their time(s) of need.
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