Middle Harbour Yacht Club

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Great Marina team, great facilities, friendly club

Craig Davies
Reviewed Mar 2016
I just spent a few days here, due to the Sydney Harbour Regatta, with Another Challenge. The marina here is great, with good protection for the floating pontoons and marina staff who are helpful in allocating you a good berth.

Being based here for the SHR was great for us, good party atmosphere, and a friendly location for a few days. Clean facilities for showers etc.

There is good public transport options just outside (if you need it) and the parking is OK, but Mosman Council certainly is keen to maximise parking fees.
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magnificent waterfront location

Melissa Bradbrook
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Reviewed May 2017
Great venue for the annual Property Industry Foundation Sailing Regatta.

I had a fantastic day volunteering for a great cause, in a magnificent waterfront location.

All the staff were very helpful, professional and made things happen that normally would have been a hard task.

A great location to just enjoy the middle harbour views or get out on a boat large or small.
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Great Service

Bruce Arms
Reviewed Aug 2015
I have docked here many times the last few years on my delivery jobs and have found them very friendly and always accommodating and helpful with any services that I might need at the time, highly recommend stopping here.
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Clean facilities, licensed club

Mal Dougherty
Reviewed Feb 2017
- Staff were good

- location - away from shops

- Facilities - clean / shower / toilets / no laundry

- Club - Licensed / friendly

- Other - restaurants, (D'albora otherside of road - has fuel etc - do need to go through Spit Bridge)
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Been a member for years

David Deck
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Reviewed May 2017
Been a member for years - looking forward to another season of sailing. Pop down on a Saturday morning and you can have the chance of joining a crew on the loveliest harbour in the world
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