Marmong Point Marina

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First class marina in a beautiful part of the world

Reviewed May 2016
My experience at Marmong Point was incredibly positive and there is very little I could offer as any kind of suggestion for improvement. The owners and staff have something to really be proud of - the service and standards of your marina are hard to come by.
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Great location - very safe marina

Simon Rock
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Reviewed Apr 2017
Helpful staff

Small chandlery and coffee shop at the marina

A medium walk to the shopping centre
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Felt very welcome

Karen Ray
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Reviewed Apr 2017
This is our first time on a marina and I have to say it's been awesome. From the staff to the other boating people, we have felt very welcome and appreciate all the help and support we have received from everyone. It's very secure and peaceful. We love it
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Marina and boat lift out services

Peter Scott
Reviewed Feb 2015
Marmong Point Marina in Lake Macquarie is a reasonably priced modern facility, with all the services required to maintain a boat, small cafe and friendly helpful staff. We hauled our yacht out at this facility in 2014 and antifouled the bottom and had Prop Speed applied. We considered the service excellent and can recommend the facility to anyone requiring maintenance on their boat.

Lake Macquarie is also a great place to visit in a yacht.
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Well run facilities

Kevin Warner
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Reviewed Feb 2018
Well run facilities and very accommodating when you really need a little compassion and understanding when things aren't going so well.
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