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Most definitely the worst marina on the coast

Reviewed Nov 2016
I have witnessed so many nasty things done by the management of this marina towards paying customers that there is not enough room here to list them all. This place makes Fawlty Towers look like the Ritz. I have seen new arrivals being verbally abused as they were timing up. (Welcome to Cairns) I have had letters from them to advise us that they were cutting our power off for a week. The showers are only rinsed out with a bucket of fresh water each morning and STINK. One person started sticking their old used cakes of soap to the wall of the shower cubicle. It got to seven cakes before anybody from the marina noticed. Cold showers because they switch off the water heaters to save money. If you don't get in early then BAD LUCK. Don't expect to get any sleep if you are there on the weekends. The noise from the Malthouse Bar will keep you awake until 2:00 am. Your car will be vandalised. They have signs on the rubbish bins saying "DO NOT PUT YOUR RUBBISH IN HERE." I have seen new arrivals have to wash and scrub the concrete finger of their berth so that they are not walking through the excessive amount of bird shit. If you complain about anything you will be abused victimised. You will choke on diesel fumes of charter boats that start their motors early in the mornings and let them idle for hours whilst loading the tourists on. I have seen mooring lines broken from the wake caused by the tourist boats coming in and out of the marina. I have seen charter boats that leave their music playing all night whilst they go home to sleep. But those with charter boats live by different rules and do what ever they want. The list goes on but these are just a few that readily come to mind. Their motto is: "MARINAS WOULD BE GOOD PLACES TO RUN IF IT WASN'T FOR THE BASTARDS IN BOATS." Do yourself a favour, go to Half Moon Bay or Bluewater Marina further up the coast and be treated like a paying customer.
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Where the forest meets the sea
Reviewed Apr 2016
We have just spent four nights here and thoroughly recommend it. Despite an issue when we first docked and I went to connect shore power only to find a broken plug and exposed wires hanging down our experience was positive. We immediately contacted Marina staff and were directed to another berth where everything worked. The amenities were well looked after and very clean although a bit of a walk depending what finger you are on. The laundry, at $3 per wash was one of the cheapest we have come across. There are scores of nice restaurants along the Marina. There was no courtesy car but a number of hire car companies within walking distance. All the usual outlets, BCF, Whitworths, Bunnings, Masters, Coles, Woolies etc. there is a 20min parking zone in front of the fingers which was plenty of time to get groceries out of the car and onto the boat which is good as there is only one trolley available. The Marina office is not well signposted and took a while to find but once there the staff were very helpful . All in all a good stay.
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