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I feel ripped off, used, abused and really badly treated

Joshua Davis
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Reviewed May 2017
I have twice previously taken my 22' yacht to Marks Point Marina for antifouling. First in October 2012 and then again in September 2014. The first time was under the old owners and the second under the new owner, Denis McColl. I was happy with the service and arrangements in 2014. I had sailed the boat to the marina on a Monday afternoon and they had pulled it up on the slip on tuesday morning. I completed the painting myself on the tuesday from 8am-6pm, and they put it back in the water on wednesday morning. I was charged $383 excluding antifouling paint. In December 2016 I called & asked them if I could have the same arrangement except on a wednesday, I was told no problem. I motored the boat through rough swell and high wind on tuesday and arrived at 4pm. When I arrived at the jetty all the staff had already left, and I would have been locked out on the jetty had it not been for a friendly boat owner. At 8am on wednesday morning Dennis called me and said that he could not get the boat on the slipway as the tide was too low. He also complained that I had left my boat at his jetty, as apparently it has a fuel bowser that needs 24hr access on both sides incase a police boat needs to use it... Strange I thought... I said ok, try again tomorrow. My father had driven to pick me up and we were on our way to the marina when he called, and we dove back home. The next morning I called Dennis at 7:30am and he said he could still not get the boat out of the water. This meant both myself and my father had taken 2 days off work for nothing now, and worse still my father couldn't take another day (Friday) off to help. So I asked my 72 year old friend Tom, who has bad knees and recently had a kidney transplant. Dennis finally called at 8:30am and we drove straight to the marina. We worked flat out on the boat until 2pm, as Tom had to go home and eat something as he has diabetes. As I was driving I got a call from Dennis asking where I was. I replied that I had to drop Tom home and that we had not finished and that I would be finished around 5pm or so like last time. He replied that "the boys want to go home at 3pm and they want to put the boat back in the water". I said that I was told the boat could go back in the water the next morning after the paint had dried. He said that I could work on it over the weekend, but he would have to charge me the weekend rate. I told him that I was working over the weekend. He said there was nothing he could do, and that I could not work on the boat after 4pm when I finished work, as the neighbours would complain. Luckily my father came to help around 3:30pm. We had almost finished when Dennis came up to me and aggressively said that we would have to stop painting as it was "4:30pm and the neighbours would make a complaint" I thought this was very strange, but not wanting to cause a fuss we packed up and left, with the boat half painted. When I checked the time in the car it was 4:17pm. So Dennis lied to my face. When I came to pick up the boat on Monday I said hi and asked where the boat was. He said it was out on a mooring. I asked if I could tie it up at the marina to put my gear on, whilst I wait for my Dad to arrive. He said “absolutely not. There is no where to park your boat at this marina” I asked very nicely if I could possibly tie it up at the large jetty with the fuel bowsers, and he said “definitely not. That needs to be kept clear for police to fill up if they need to” I said "ok, then how am I supposed to get home?” He said “I don’t know, but I can’t help” and handed me the invoice and asked for my credit card. I reluctantly handed him the card. I then said “ wait a minute, can I just work this out”, and he said “hurry up! I have to go home”. He black-mailed me saying that I had to pay before he would take me to the boat. I reluctantly paid, and then I had a look at the invoice ($599 for the same services as 2014) - he had charged me everything by the foot, but for a 24’ boat, even though I told him it was 22’. I feel ripped off, used, abused and really badly treated.
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Justynn Harcourt
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Reviewed May 2017
Turned up at 12.30 for fuel. Was told they've closed early for the day. I explained I was nearly empty but instead of turning the pump back on they just walked away. Pathetic leaving us there to walk 30 mins to a service station and back.
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Beautiful place

Ajit Shah
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Reviewed Jun 2018
This was the place where we were in jan'18. It's a most beautiful place, lake side, canoeing facility, best words to describe. Must visit marks point marina.
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Great staff

Gavin Crabbe
Reviewed Apr 2015
New owner is a pocket rocket who will bend over backwards to help. Give Dennis a call.
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Ashleigh Douglas
Reviewed Aug 2016
We booked our boat in to get slipped, antifouled and serviced. We requested it be pulled out for a 4 day weekend so we could complete some other work on board. We arrived for our booking to discover that we had been "double-booked". From what we've been told by others, this is not uncommon. Because of this, our boat had to be back in the water that afternoon so we couldn't get any work done. It got antifouled and the engine serviced and that was it. We had also been warned beforehand to get any quoted figures in writing because they have a tendency of lumping you with a much larger bill after the work has been completed. When we came to collect the boat the following morning and motor it back to its mooring, we couldn't get the engine started without bleeding it first and it sounded like it had been chewing on rocks. The internal stairs (engine cover) had also been left off which is dangerous because if we hadn't checked before stepping inside the boat we would have fallen straight down onto the engine.
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