Keppel Bay Marina

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Keppel Bay Marina

Greg Harding
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Nov 2015
We stayed at Keppel Bay Marina during the second week of November 2015. We have a 12 metre catamaran with 1.2 metres draught. While we had no issue getting into and out of the marina it become very shallow at the entrance and in some parts of the marina at low tide. Keel boat will need to be vigilant on when to enter and leave.

The fuel wharf really only has room for one large boat at a time. The high flow nozzle and line is difficult to handle due to it being so cumbersome. I found that on our cat that it could not cope with the high flow diesel and we had to be mindful of filling the tanks as slow as possible. Most jerry can will not accept a high flow nozzle and you will need a funnel to accept the fuel from the nozzle. Payment for fuel is made at the Seafood shop. I was unable to walk out of there with just fuel. The Moreton Bay bugs were brilliant after a long hard sail. Prices very reasonable.

The marina itself is great. I found the staff super helpful and friendly. (Many thanks Sharon your service was impeccable) A bus route is right at the front of the marina which can take you to Yeppoon or Rockhampton. A taxi will cost you roughly $25 each way. Every thing you want as far as groceries etc can be found at Yeppoon. The fees are extremely reasonable. There is a small chanderly at the marina as well as a great cafe as has already been previously detailed by another reveiwer. I fully endorse those comments.

There is a nearby Yacht club which we did not get to visit but I have it from reliable sources is a very social and friendly place. I have no doubt we will continue to frequent the marina in the future.
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Breakwater Marina, Townsville

Reviewed Oct 2018
Breakwater Marina is great stopover for provisioning or just enjoying the delights of Australia's largest tropical city. The marina is located 10 minutes walk from the city centre, major supermarkets, shopping and entertainment.

Visitor highlights include "The Strand", a series of interconnecting beaches and parklands featuring cafes, bars and playgrounds and Tobruk Pool immediately adjacent to the Marina. The Ville Resort / Casino overlooks the marina and also a brief walk away are the Museum of tropical North Queensland and the Aquarium.

The marina has excellent facilities catering to both mono hulls and multihulls, a large refuelling wharf can handle multiple vessels. The marina staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. A courtesy vehicle (ute) is available with prior booking.

The marina facilities include modern clean ablutions and laundry.

There are many quality, reasonably priced restaurants and hotels within walking distance. The marina also sponsors a monthly "social BBQ" for marina tenants and visiting vessels, a very relaxed, friendly vibe explains why many boats stay longer than originally anticipated.
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Needs some attention

Angela Williams
Reviewed Jul 2018
We found the marina easy to get into and tie up. Staff were friendly. There is a courtesy car but you will need to book ahead, probably best when you make the booking. There is a council bus right out the front which takes about 20 minutes to get into the shopping centre and approx. $30 for a taxi back with provisions. The most difficult task is to get your provisions to your boat. There is a distinct lack of trolleys, or ones that are safe and work that is. I walked up and down all fingers and found 2 small trolleys in use. That's it, for the whole marina. You can try the 2 metre long metal trolleys with such short handles and manouverability, but make sure it's not on a low tide, with 4m tide's it's quite steep.

We were disappointed with the lack of security on the fingers, public are free to roam and sight see. I felt I had to lock up just to go to the toilet.

Waterline restaurant is lovely, wonderful staff and great menu. We recommend the beef rendang.

Chandlery? A very poor excuse for a chandlery, you will probably need to catch the bus to Bunnings.

Bathrooms are dongers, they are OK and do the job but again are open to the public.

Disappointed that you pay the same as other marina's but the facilities are lacking.
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Great facility for passing boats

Jessica Watson
Reviewed Nov 2015
Keppel Bay Marina has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, a great facility for passing boats.

The onsite cafe and restaurant is a lovely shady place to spend time and the marina offers a courtesy car. For longer periods there is also a rental car onsite.

Boats with deep drafts will need to watch the depth approaching the fuel dock located across the boat harbour.

A short walk around the marina will take you to Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club, another great place to meet local sailors and have a drink.
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Friendly staff but a crook marina

Mark Paul
Reviewed Sep 2018
The office staff are friendly and helpful. The courtesy car is a bonus, even though its only available for 2 hours. On the positive side, that's about it! This marina has no competition, so prices are high and facilities are poor. It cost us $70/ day (2018) for our 12m catamaran, which is on par with southern Queensland prices. So not cheap. The fingers are only 2/3 of the allowable length. This means that your vessel will stick out 1/3 of its length. Not the best for tying up securely. It also meant a stern in berth or else we couldn't get off the boat. There's no security gates, so expect lots of random sightseers nosing past your boat at all hours. It seems to be a favourite past time for the locals. Perhaps KBM could charge an admission price and reduce the marina fees? The laundry and ablutions block is a circa 1980 mine site demountable and is so far from most berths that great prior planning is required for safe toilet visits.
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