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Incredible shipwrights

Lisa Blair
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jan 2017
Emely Badran is the only family shipwright owner I’ve ever met. And she’s got some pretty incredible shipwrights working for her, people who have worked on the likes of Ellen Macarthur’s boat. She came highly recommended by my boat builder, and architect and insurance company.

Emely and her team were able to handle a lot of last minute changes, communication was very clear and the advice they gave was great. It gave me peace of mind knowing the job was being done correctly.
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Quote for complete job then hit with secondary costs

Reviewed Jan 2017
I obtained a cost for strengthening the floats of my Weta Trimaran and also some repair work on the gelcoat with a deadline of 3 weeks because of a race I had entered.

After much communication about when the job could be done I eventually had to pick it up as is because while the floats had been strengthened as agreed and they had been resprayed, the final part of the job had not been completed by the deadline and I&S wanted the same amount to complete the job. I decided not to go back.

The work they completed was OK but not to the spec originally agreed.
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