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Great Work

Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Oct 2017
This sailmaker/sail repairer works in a loft in their backyard but don't be put off, as they do great work. From new sails to general sail repairs, biminis and marine covers they will do anything.

As crusiers themselves they are happy to quote and lend their experience and advice on what will work and what wont.

Located directly behind Hope Harbour Marina on the Gold Coast they did some repairs on our sails including changing our Sunscreen edge on two sails. At the same time they were making a new main for a catamaran, and making new sail covers and awning for another.

Handy, friendly, quick and well priced.
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Excellent service

Reviewed Oct 2017
On our maiden voyage from the Gold Coast we put up our main and discovered a part of the stitching had torn so we pulled it down and turned around straightaway got on the Internet and found them. After my phone call and within 3 to four hours it was all stitched up and ready to go again great service came out to the boat to help get the sales down as we were pretty novices at the time.
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