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One of the best on the Queensland coast.

Reviewed Nov 2016
I have stayed in this marina many times and always found the facilities as well maintained and clean. The staff are the most courteous you could find anywhere. The air is a bit dusty from all the coal loading but apart from that I couldn't speak more highly of them. Yes it is a bit of a walk to town but not as bad as maybe Mackay or some others and is walkable. There is a courtesy bus but you will need a taxi back again if you go to a supermarket to resupply. Toilets and showers cleaned twice a day.Arrived after midnight from New Caledonia and tied up on the end of the finger. Didn't wake the next morning until after 10.00 am. Nobody came down knocking on the hull to wake me and harass me for money like in some other marinas. Wandered up to the office in my own time and signed in.
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Excellent stay at Gladstone Marina

Greg Harding
Reviewed Oct 2018
During the 2018 cruising season we elected to return to Gladstone and stay at the marina. We love going into Gladstone and then the trip through the Narrows between the mainland and Curtis Island. The marina staff are incredibly obliging and friendly and the fees are very very attractive and substantially far less than their northern cousins. I understand that some cruisers are reluctant to go into the marina for fear of some coal dust settling on their boat but in my opinion this is no worse than the ash one gets all the way up the coast from the cane burn off in the cane fields. There are major upgrades underway which will only make the marina more attractive as a venue. Many cruiser bypass some excellent cruising areas such as Rod Bay for the fisherman or the person seeking some isolation.

The free bus to the shopping centre still runs making it very easy to re-provision. Gladstone marina is now on our permanent list of places to stop into thanks to the staff.

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Very Accomodating Marina and easy to restock

Reviewed Sep 2017
We called a few hours before to enquirer if we could fill up water and were told that we can stay at the marina for 2 hours as a courtesy and fill up. Decided to stay over and found the area and facilities excellent. We took the courtesy bus to Gladstone Square where there is a large Woolworths and a few restaurants as well as other shops. Taxi back to the marina was $10.50. The staff are really helpful and friendly. We also walked around to the yacht club - about 15 minutes walking for dinner and had an excellent meal there - again, really friendly lovely people.
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Gladstone Port Marina

Greg Harding
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2015
Well if you have navigated the fairway into Gladstone then take the time to stop and visit the Gladstone Marina precinct. We called in on our passage north and to do the famous 'Narrows' thats a story in itself and well worth the effort. Gladstone is a major shipping and industry port. The marine infrastructure is massive and when transiting though the Port you 'must' contact the Gladstone harbour authority and advise of your travel if your boat is over ten metres. Big fines apply if you fail to do this. The marina itself is not immediately obvious when entering the area and you will require a chart or other information to locatethe marina. From entry from the main southern channel it takes a good hour and a half to two hours to make you way to the marina.

The entry to the marina is located behind a man made breakwall with the entrance not being immediately obvious. just east of the main coal loader. An old Naval Patrol boat on permanent display opposite the entrance is an excellent identification point for the entrance. Be mindful of large ferries and barges leaving the marina harbour which is quite large and cannot be seen from behind the breakwall and very limited manoeuvring area. Good depths apply and access to the marina can be had at all tides. The marina was being dredged when we were there and should offer berths to the deepest of keel boats.

Once again contact with the marina office prior to arrival should ensure a secure berth in cruising season. We found the staff ever helpful and full of information. Cafe's and shops are a short ten minute walk away. Fuel and gas can be obtained nearby. Gas (LPG) can be obtained from a nearby boating sales shop and fuel can be obtained at a static wharf next to the marina. I would recommend a high tide to refuel as I did not sight a floating fuel wharf.

Power and water are available at each pen at very reasonable rates. Lots to see and do and good provisioning is available a short cab ride away. An airport services Gladstone so it is possible to leave the boat to fly home if nesecary. An excellent welcoming package is supplied by the staff on paying your fees with all the information you will require. If you plan on transmitting the narrows ensure you check your tides as this is paramount to successfully transiting the area. When re-entereing the port form the marina you 'must' notify the Gladstone Port Authority of your movements once again or face possible heavy fines. There is a very large amount of marine traffic associated not only with the ship movements but with moving the workforce to work on Curtis Island.

The Laundry and toilet facilities are very modern and clean.
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Coastal Funk Sailing
Reviewed Nov 2018
Yes, extremely clean, extremely nice grounds and service. It is just a bit "industrial" with dozer noise, travel alarms on loading facilities, and the coal dust is a pain to get off.
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