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A little about Garden Island Yacht Club

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Garden Island Yacht Club was founded in 1978, and still boasts a family friendly social community of boating enthusiasts. One of the greatest assets for any club is its members. 

Jack and Jude have travelled far and wide around Australia and we have our favourite spots that charm us every time we return. The Gulfs of South Australia with their diverse mix of culture and wildness always inspires and intrigues us. And like Hobart, Adelaide is a capital city friendly like a small country town. With lovely parks and hills, there’s a fantastic free museum and botanical garden, vast markets and eating halls that keep us eagerly awaiting another feast.

Located strategically to everything that Adelaide offers is the Garden Island Yacht Club, home to a bunch of nice knowledgeable helpful folk who love boats and all things boatie. It’s a DIY style of club, deservedly boasting completion of their brand new rebuilt clubhouse. We can’t wait to see the new, bigger kitchen, and bigger, better bar, and huge new floor for dances and functions. Offering 4 marinas, plus a large hard-stand area for trailerable boats of all sizes and descriptions, Garden Island Yacht Club is very well founded with launching tractors, cradles, and slipway.

Located at the bottom of a large teardrop shallow inlet thickly alive with nature, it is just a short dinghy ride to the historical old port where ships bones rise out skinny water. Just a few minutes drive away, Port Adelaide abounds with attractions in addition to great shopping and restaurants, and all services. Downtown capital city

Adelaide is just a bus or rail ride of half hour. It’s all happening there on balmy summer nights. There is only one way in and out of GIYC and that’s through the Barker Inlet, a fun place to cruise with a twisty channel at the end that requires a metre or more of tide for 1.8 m deep vessels to get through. With a westerly wind up your backside, it’s a nice run home from the Black Pole, taking a couple of hours to the clubhouse. We often park halfway to enjoy the solitude and scenery. At GIYC, there’s racing in summer and winter series, and cruises all the year round.

It’s a great place to spend some time.

We have a berth for Banyandah at the GIYC. It is Available whenever we’re not there:

Alos, you can check out our 'Cruising South Australia' guide here:
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