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Fishing International Supplies and Hardware

Greg Harding
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jul 2015
We were on our way north for 2015 and stopped at Mooloolaba for a service to our motors. We needed a new battery for one of the motors and the mechanic (Yanmar Service Agent) recommended Fishing International Supplies who were just a short walk away from where we were berthed at the Mooloolaba Marina. The staff there could not have been more helpful and I was surprised at the amount of gear that had for boats. They mainly cater to the large fishing trawlers but had an excellent selection of hardware goods you would need on your boat IE gate valves, cordage, lights etc. The prices were very competitive and they even took my old battery to get rid of. There is a chandlery right next door and between them you should be able to get most things for your boat. I ended up purchasing a 90AH Heavy Duty battery recommended by the guys at the shop which is used by the fishing fleet. Could not be happier.
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