Emu Point Slipway and Shipwrights

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Very competent and friendly, run by yachties who know every aspect of small boat maintenance.

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Nov 2016
Emu Point Slipway has been in operation since 1973. The 40 tonne hoist boat Lifter and associated equipment is operated by an experienced in-house team headed by master shipwright Darren. Their location close to Albany WA, in land locked Emu Harbour, provides the very best protection in a scenic location not far from supplies.

Jack and Jude have know the boys and management at Emu Point since stopping there in 2009. It's a prefect location to dry store over winter and refurbish when ready to go.

Emu Point Slipway is ideally suited for yacht refit work, commissioning of new vessels and general maintenance work on both pleasure and commercial fishing vessels.
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