East Coast Marine Repairs

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East Coast Marine Repairs

Peter Parry-Fielder
Reviewed Dec 2015
We bought a motor cruiser in Newcastle and were committed to travel south to Greenwell Point on Friday night, so an initial service was rather important! The local engineer was a disappointment, but we heard that Todd Payling had just arrived in town and might be able to help.

How fortunate, we found Todd and his wife (they are a team). Todd recognised our plight and took on the challenge. He went to the boat that afternoon and checked everything out, to order parts overnight. When the courier missed their turnoff, his wife jumped in the car and chased him around town, to get the parts down to Todd on the boat. He built a new fuel system, overhauled the engine, serviced everything and stayed on to help with the refuelling late, sending us on our way with the engine rumbling happily, 200 miles at sea without missing a beat.

He followed up with a detailed report of some things we needed to attend to in the longer term as well, he is that thorough. I admire that effort and as well, Todd is the sort of guy you think of as a friend. We have talked over some servicing since and he has given valuable advice, even though he is a long way away. You are indeed fortunate in Newcastle and we can commend him highly!
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