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New motor installation

Kathy Gibson
Reviewed Jun 2018
I highly recommend Douglas Marine for their expertise and competitive pricing. Although my mooring is in Sydney Harbour it was well worth sailing up to Newport when I needed a new motor. In Sydney, mechanics had told me that the new motors were larger than the one onboard my boat. This meant that the engine cover and steps leading into the saloon had to be rebuilt to accommodate a new motor. Shane Douglas solved this problem quickly, over the phone, with minimal additional cost. He advised that the prop shaft could be shortened to accommodate the extra length of the new motor. It was that simple, the job didn’t need to be made any bigger. Shane and his team installed the motor as promised, keeping to the price and time frame quoted. This was four years ago. The team at Douglas Marine have helped me to keep the motor in top condition with regular services and detailed advice. I am not mechanically minded and have benefited from their patient explanations of the steps I need to follow to take care of the motor. We use the boat more often now. The new motor has given us many trouble free hours on the water.
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