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Dishonest and terrible
Reviewed May 2018
So we hired this charter after a call with the skipper discussing that we wanted to go out to the shelf and deep sea fish for trumpeter and burley up at the same time for a mako. I called a couple of days beforehand to confirm this and to advise of an extra person attending which was no problem at all. On the day, we turned up on time jumped on and paid our money and with no introductions what so ever or discussing the plan for the day, the skipper went into the cabin and we departed. The deckie who had the personality of the brick and all day only answered questions with a yes or no, immediately threw some tuna lures out the back to which we thought that there’s no harm in trolling while heading out. After about half hour, I went in and asked what was on the agenda for the day. The skipper said that we’ll head towards Tasman island then head out to the shelf to go for trumpeter. After 3 hours on board, we were all thinking “what the hell” so I went back in and asked what’s going on? The skipper told us that it’s too windy out there and he figured we’ll just keep trolling. I said the guys were getting restless and asked if we could bottom fish and he agreed after telling us we were wasting our time and he was obviously annoyed by our request. At this time he grabbed some rods out for us to use which were in a bad state of repair and all sporting rigs that looked like my 5yo would have tied better. They didn’t have any bait or burly on board showing us that they had no intention of accomodating our initial request of shark and trumpeter so we caught a gurnard using some ham from a salad roll for lunch for bait and that fish became our bait. We spent an hour and a half fishing and catching flathead, Morwong, and gurnards to which the deckie kept saying that we should be practicing catch and release as he couldn’t be bothered cleaning them... after we fished, the skipper told us that we’d try another spot he knew and the tuna lures went out the back again while heading there. After what seemed like another hour or so and a couple of laps of the hippolites I went and asked again if we were going to fish before heading in as our time was coming to an end. He told us we had just got there to his spot and we started fishing again for half hour. After that we started heading in and surprise surprise, the tuna lures went out the back again... for the first time all day, one got a hit from a big Aussie salmon and one of our party reeled it in but the deckie decided to hold it for a pic taken by the skipper on the skippers phone. We honestly feel ripped off as they spent 6hrs fishing for a tuna and it seemed that they were fishing for them selves and we got 2hrs on a full day charter to fish for our selves. I wouldn’t recommend these dishonest people to anyone wanting to enjoy a day out.
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